For many women, their divorce can free them emotionally but cripple them financially.

Their husband walks away with their job while their ex-wife is forced to start again from scratch.

And you know what?

Many ex-husbands expect this and are more than happy gloating over the financial mess they left their ex-wives in.

So how about turning the tables on them?

The thing is, women are smarter than men. And they’re better at business too.

And one trick they can play on their ex husbands is to start their own business, bring in the money and then make sure they know about it.

They can use the money they make to get some great clothes, eat at fancy restaurants, and make sure their ex knows how much better their life is without him.

Nothing will infuriate him more.

However, that’s just a bonus. You see, this isn’t even about revenge.

It’s about you taking control back by showing him you never needed his money or his help. And that you’re a better woman now he’s gone.

When he left he assumed you’d struggle and always need other people’s money.

Now he’s gone he needs to know he was just dragging you down.

And now you’re the one in control.

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