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There’s A New Shift In Online Retail.
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Even kids as young as 12 are making an income because Amazon has turned selling online into child’s play.

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Meet Aussie Import Guru,
Brendan Elias…

Hi there!

For the past decade, I have been teaching people how to run their own business from home. Students learn how to import goods from China and sell them locally.

In that time my students have replaced their incomes, brought new income streams into their households and some have even become millionaires!

But something dramatic has just changed in the marketplace!
And it has made running a business simpler and easier than ever before.

This change in the marketplace is handing the power back to the ‘little guy’ – people just like you – who want to run a business from home. 

Now, you can grow as big as you like as fast as you like…

  • Without handling products…
  • Without talking to customers…
  • And without needing to find buyers.

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This Really Is Huge… And It’s Just Getting BIGGER & More EXCITING

In fact if you wanted to…
You could use Amazon to make more money in a few months than you probably make in a whole entire year. 
Best of all, with Amazon …


You don’t need to HANDLE products.


You don’t need to TALK to customers.


You don’t need to FIND customers.


You don’t even need to PROCESS payments, it’s automatic!

Come along and you’ll discover:


Why NOT to create your own product from scratch.

How to get FREE SAMPLES from suppliers.


How to ensure your products are 100% SAFE & COMPLIANT.

The ONE WEBSITE you must use to find products to sell.

Mario Scavuzzo sold $24k worth of goods in 20mins!

Mario loves Amazon and he’s geting ready to quit his job at the end of the year.

In his first year on Amazon Mario turned over $50,000.

In his second he doubled it to $100,000.

And in his third he doubled it again to $200,000.

Last Christmas Mario saw how popular the new “Pie Face” game was. As supplies ran out in the shops, the price on Amazon crept up and up… Mario was at work at the time, and his phone started going berserk. He checked his emails and discovered he had just made $24,995 in 20 minutes!


“But… How Can I Find The Right Goods To Sell?”

So, here’s the thing… It’s really simple to find out what’s popular, then find someone you can import them from and, hey presto! You can ship them direct from the manufacturer to Amazon. And you don’t even need to handle them.

Take Lauren Pykett for example. Lauren is a softly spoken stay-at-home mum from Queensland, and frankly she might be the last person you’d expect to be running a lucrative business across 4 continents. Yet, that’s exactly what she’s doing.

After welcoming her second child Lauren realised it was important to be around for them and went searching for a business she could run from home. Her search led her to Amazon, and 2 years later Lauren has built a thriving business selling car accessories through Amazon in America, the UK and Europe.

The best part is she has a system for choosing which products will make the most profit. She sits at her kitchen table in Queensland, orders goods from China and has them shipped direct to the Amazon warehouses!

There’s no limit on how many items she can sell. She isn’t restricted by the hassle of packaging goods and sending them out. It’s straight from the supplier to Amazon. Every couple of months Lauren adds another product and watches her business grow.

Imagine how your day to day would life change if you were earning a residual income from home…

Discover The Secrets To Starting Your Own Amazon Business!

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Lauren Is A Work From Home Mum, With An Incredibly Scaleable Business 

“I just love that this is an incredibly scalable business model. The future’s looking bright, as now that the systems and foundations are laid, I can just keep adding more products, more marketplaces and websites, and in more countries. All of which comes to more money in the bank, a sellable business asset and all executed at a pace that I control, whilst I enjoy still being a work at home Mum alongside my beautiful kids.”

– Lauren Pykett, Stay-at-home Mum

“I Don’t Want My Home To Turn Into A Storage Warehouse!”

Up until now the only way you could sell goods online was to store them in your home… Or hire a warehouse or pay a third party logistics company to store them and ship them for you… And that gets expensive. The problem was, the bigger you got the harder it was. Solving the problem meant making less money.

Amazon To The Rescue!

If you want to run your own business, but you don’t want to cram boxes into your garage or pay for a warehouse then here’s the best news you’ll ever hear. Amazon does it all for you.

You send your goods to them and they’ll label them and put them into their warehouse. Then when someone makes a purchase Amazon’s robot army locate your goods and send it straight to the buyer. You can sell one item a day or 100. And you won’t lift a finger. Couldn’t be easier, right?

Imagine that… Making 100 sales a day while you’re sipping coffee with your friends or at the gym.

And the first you’ll know is when you check your email and you receive email after email with confirmed orders.

  • They process the money.
  • They take care of the shipping
  • The handle any returns
  • And they do all the customer service

No Warehouse, No eBay, No Website, No Staff. It’s The Perfect Business!

“I’m Going To Show You How, And I’m Doing It For FREE” 

I am running a series of seminars across Australia and you’re invited to come along for no cost.

Not only am I going to show you how to create your own profitable Amazon business… You’re also going to discover how to stock your own Amazon store FULL of high quality items AND how you can get them for a fraction of their sale price PLUS how to ship direct to Amazon from the manufacturer.

However you have to act quickly. Seats at all my events are snapped up extremely fast.

I’ve cracked the code for running a business on Amazon. With my system, ANYONE can create an income on Amazon and earn as much as they want  – with surprisingly little work. With over 1 million items sold every single day on Amazon, it’s going to be pretty easy to be successful… Especially when I show you how.


$493 million is being spent on Amazon every day.
How much of it would you like?


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