If you work for someone else then odds are you think it sucks. Even a little bit.

And you’re not alone. Most people resent either:

a) Their boss making their life miserable

b) You doing all the work while someone else gets rich from it

c) All the lazy slackers in the office who still get paid despite doing very little work

d) Or all the above.

So imagine if you could put in a few hours a week to build your own business and replace your income. Sure sound like fun, but maybe you think it can’t be done.
Think again.

You can make a whole lot more. That’s what happens when it’s your business.

You see, you’ve got a whole lot of abilities you’re hardly tapping into. So you go to work every day full of these amazing talents and …
… You’re held back by lazy employees, office politics or a slow bureaucracy that’s too slow to react to new opportunities.

Plus I bet your job keeps you in first gear, like you could do it in your sleep.

See what I mean? You’re ready to go right now.

Incidentally, did I mention that when it’s your business, it’s YOU who keeps all the profit, not someone else?

And one of the best businesses to get into is importing. And there’s never been a better time to get into it than now.

For a start there are over $4 billion worth of goods imported into Australia every month. So it’s a big industry and ripe for small operators to come in and make serious money.

There are simple online tools to find great markets to sell to, as well as finding the products to sell them. Think Google, eBay and Amazon.

And with outsourced warehousing, as well as Amazon’s delivery services you can import and sell products without even touching them. Which means … you can even sell products into the huge USA market as easily as the Australian market.

But what’s the best part of all?

You can start growing your business with only 10 hours a week. Which means when you’re serious about the next stage of your life it’s so close to hand.

Make sure you join me on my upcoming national tour and discover how you can start your own part-time business from home and use it to leave the workforce for good.

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