Imagine rolling out of bed tomorrow morning at 10. Sure beats 5, right?

Imagine seeing the bright sunshine outside, not seeing it rise as you drive bleary eyed to site, desperate for your first coffee.

Early starts are a way of life for tradies. But they suck.

It’s no wonder many tradies see their job as something temporary. Great for a few years but it won’t be much fun in a decade from now.

One of the best ways to get off the tools is to earn some extra cash with your own business.

Now I know what you’re thinking. That sounds like hard work. Well if you buy a retail shop in the city and slave away 7 days a week it is.

But that’s just dumb.

There’s heaps of businesses you can run from home which don’t take more than around 10 hours a week. And you can grow them pretty simply to replace your income and then double, even triple it.

For example, one of the hottest trends for tradies wanting a second income is importing goods from China. You can import high quality goods for a fraction of the price people pay for them here, then sell them and the profit is yours.

Better still, do it right and you can get out of bed at 10am every day, do a couple of hours of work and then head down to the beach (or wherever) for some fun.

And the best part?

While your mates are crawling out of bed, you’ll be tucked up enjoying a few more hours sleep.

Discover how at the Import Lifestyle national tour. There’s an event near you and best of all it’s free.

You’re going to discover how you can start your own importing business from the comfort of your own home, and lead a lifestyle which will leave your mates green with envy.