I’ve been heading into a few hardware stores for a project I’m working on.

And I found that a lot of the guys working there used to be on the tools. And I had to ask why.

Turns out they got sick of life as a tradie. And it wasn’t the hard work which did them in.

More often it was the financial strain of a roller coaster income. Sometimes there’s thousands in your bank account, and sometimes there’s nothing (and not much coming in for weeks either).

Most had their share of horror stories to share as well, like rich developers simply refusing to pay them thousands and thousands of dollars.

And the only way to get their money meant thousands in legal fees and months of stress, and often they wouldn’t get anywhere anyway.

But when they saw these millionaires shut their companies down, head off overseas on THEIR money and start up again with a brand new company it made their blood boil.

You have to protect yourself.

Because you’re the guy who has scrape together the money to cover your mortgage and groceries.

That’s why having a second income isn’t a luxury for tradies like you. It’s essential.

It makes good business sense knowing you’ve got a reliable second source of income to level out the up-and-down income, and cover yourself when the occasional scumbag takes you for a ride.

Better still, it means you get to live the lifestyle you want, spend your money on toys and fun without having to worry about whether your invoices get paid or not.

That’s why more and more tradies are doing something in their spare time, and are having a lot of fun doing it too.

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You’ll discover how to start your own importing business in an hour or two each evening. And create an income without touching the tools or having to deal with the stresses dealing with construction clients can bring.

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