Imagine how you’ll feel knowing you earning more than your boss. Pretty good, right?

It’s funny, because even though their salary is higher than yours – you’re actually making way more than them.

With a part-time business you can do it.

Will you feel empowered and in control of your life?

Will you feel superior, perhaps even a little smug?

Will you feel relaxed, knowing that even if you get sacked or made redundant it won’t hurt you.

These are the things people often tell me when they hit this milestone.

And here’s the funny thing. With this pressure removed most people feel more relaxed and better at their job.

With the pressure of needing their job gone they started enjoying their job more and were a lot better at it.

And one of the best ways to create this second income quickly is the importing industry. It’s ideal for the part-timer because the timing is perfect.

For a start there are over $4 billion worth of goods imported into Australia every month. So it’s a big industry and ripe for small operators to come in and make serious money.

There are simple online tools to find great markets to sell to, as well as finding the products to sell them. Think Google, eBay and Amazon.

And with outsourced warehousing, as well as Amazon’s delivery services you can import and sell products without even touching them. Which means … you can even sell products into the huge USA market as easily as the Australian market.

But what’s the best part of all?

You can start growing your business with only 10 hours a week.

You don’t have to handle the products. You don’t have to talk to the customers. You just find hot markets, great products to sell to them and away you go. And your income is potentially unlimited.

Anything’s possible… But it always starts with learning a bit more about what’s involved.