Have you ever woken up one day and wanted something more from life?

What are your options?

Well, you could get another job, but odds are you’d still be unsatisfied.

You could quit altogether and do nothing, but money would be kind of a problem, right?

Or you could start your own business and never work for anyone else again.

If this sounds like you then take my 10 day startup challenge.

All you do is focus on these 3 steps for the next 10 days. And make sure it’s all three steps – don’t spend so much time on one you don’t get the others done.

The business is importing high quality goods from China and selling them here in Australia. And the 3 steps are:

1. Go to eBay and Amazon and find something popular that’s selling

2. Search through aliexpress.com and smallvolume.com and find those products. Or similar ones. You’ll find them, and I bet you’ll find them for a lot cheaper than they’re being sold.

Now you know there’s a product in demand, and you know you can get it and sell it at a big margin your final step is …

3. Buy a small quantity of the goods and sell them on eBay yourself.

That’s it.

Of course the sky’s the limit as to how far you go. The serious money comes from finding a hot market, then bringing in products to sell them. And you can automate all this too so you never have to handle the products yourself.

But for now, give this a go. Spend 10 days on it and you’ll be amazed how easy starting a business is.

Once you’ve done this and you know it can be done, spend 3 hours with me for free and discover how to turn this concept into an easy-to-run and highly lucrative business from home.

Or come to event first and get the whole system for yourself.

Either way, if you’re dissatisfied with your job you have to do something. And this is the perfect place to start.