Are you divorced, or perhaps on your way?

Perhaps you don’t want it to happen.

I’m not a trained psychologist. Just someone who’s seen too many friends bust up, and saw something in common.

I’ve seen great, even almost-perfect couples break up when one partner felt they were bringing less value than the other.

They were low on confidence and didn’t feel like an equal, even though they were. It seems to happen more often when children come along.

It seems crazy to outsiders, but inside a relationship it can be very real. And very daunting.

So what’s the solution?

Well, if you’re feeling a bit low on confidence then you can change this. One way is to start up a small part-time business in your spare time. This means you’re creating something out of thin air and bringing in some extra dollars at the same time.

Because here’s the thing.

You could be proving your worth to your partner.

Or more likely you’ll actually be proving your worth to yourself.

And that can be liberating. It could be the change in you that both of you need to see.

Anyhow, like I mentioned I’m not a trained shrink. Just someone who’s saddened by seeing people living lives below their true potential, and seeing it destroy relationships when it shouldn’t.

Anything’s possible… But it always starts with learning a bit more about what’s involved.