Retirement is seen as a great goal… Until you get there and discover you need to fill your days with something. Boredom soon sets in.

It’s worth noting, boredom in retirement is a serious issue often blamed for the onset of depression and marriage break ups.

But, If you talk to Geoff Hardiker, it seems adjusting to retirement life may be as simple as finding a new interest that can also help fund your travel and fun in retirement.

“I retired from formal employment and soon became bored and decided to import some products from China for a interest.” Explained Geoff Hardiker.

“I’ve had more fun in this business in 2 years than 36 years as an employee”

No wonder he is excited. Curious, I asked him about how he learnt how to import and sell his bikes and LED light products.

“I picked up a lot of information at a live training event and thought I could get the job done given time and patience.

But, to save time and to do it properly the first time, and avoid costly mistakes, I decided to fast track my learning by getting along to the Ultimate Importers Bootcamp event.”

After that I was able to hit the ground running straight away rather than go through 12 months of costly trial and error.”

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When you think about it… Business is simple really, you are either selling a service or a product or both. But if you are looking to free up your time, a product based business is the simplest way to go. Clearly this type of business isn’t for everyone, so I asked Geoff his thoughts on the other different types of work-from-home business opportunites.

“I see a lot of people building Multi Level Marketing type businesses with profit margins of only 30% and all sorts of restrictions on how they can market the product.

And then there are those trying to build Amazon or Ebay businesses selling other people’s products instead of importing and branding their own.

Why would you sell someone else’s products when you could be and reaping profit margins of 200-300% by importing your own branded products?

Clearly learning how to import and sell your own products is where the money is at, if you have the drive and imagination. It’s worth it.”

Geoff proudly shows me family photos taken during a recent trip to the UK with his family.

“The whole time we were travelling I was able to keep up with my business all by my laptop. It’s been the best fun. I’m looking forward to more adventures.” Geoff grins.

If starting a work-from-home importing business is something that you would like to investigate further… Free online introductory training on how to Create Your Own $2000 a Week Home-Based Importing Business is available here. (By the same people who taught Geoff how to import products from China with confidence.)