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canada goose It delusional, in other words, yet twisted thoughts like this are now being seriously argued by demented academics who are teaching the next Cheap Canada Goose Outlet generation of obedient zombie youth how to engage in politically correct hatred and genocide while shrouding mass death and violence under the delusional banner of and yet another example of the insane, intolerant Left, consider the recent clash between a racist student mob and a white, liberal college professor: The insane student mob acting like terrorists demanded that all white people leave campus or they might face violence.Watch more from Tucker Carlson:Colleges have now become terrorist training camps for hate filled, violent Left wing craziesAs is obvious from the video above, America college campuses have become literal terrorist training camps for the violent Left. This is precisely the subject of my recent Natural News article entitled America’s universities have become training camps for violent left wing extremism, which stated:Over the last decade or so, we’ve all watch in horror as America’s universities have been turned into what can now clearly be called extremism training camps for left wing fascists. Instead of teaching students to be responsible adults with critical thinking skills, colleges and universities now focus on obedience training coupled with deeply ingrained hatred, intolerance and violence toward those who have opposing points of view.What we witnessing in America today is far beyond simple disagreement canada goose.