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Here Are Some of the video testimonials of our Happy Attendees:

I was a bit skeptic at first. But by the time the seminar ended, I already had a game plan on how to improve my Importing Business. Today, I tripled my sales and experiencing LIFE! Much appreciated Brendan! Cheers!


I came here because I’m used to importing. I’ve imported in the past. But I wanted more knowledge about importing as such. Brendan is very knowledgeable, he creates exciting atmosphere as well. So I suggest any who is new or a little bit apprehensive about coming in or trying importing. You really not going to miss out by coming in. The knowledge he has really gets you excited and you would want to get home straight away and get right into it. Just do it. Basically, come in and you won’t regret it.


I’m a Podiatrist. I’ve got a couple of products that I had designedand registered and would like to made them overseas but have no knowledge or the experience to go there doing it. But I feel like I’ve gained quite a lot from the short introduction on how to import products from China and get them made over there. Looking forward to learning more to the rest of the seminar.

Chris Gardner

To your importing success!

P.S I know you will walk away from this seminar with TONS of new ideas, products and ways to start importing .. I truly believe this seminar will take you to the next level to importing your product efficiently and effectively.

P.P.S Keep an eye out at the seminar as we’ll be giving away gifts and products away for free to a few lucky seminar attendees just for attending.

* We do not believe in cliched work from home or get rich quick opportunities nor should you. We do however believe in full transparency.
The business model presented is one as old as time which is to buy physical products at a cheap price, adding a markup and then selling them for a profit. This business model will involve at least a moderate investment of time and money. We do not make any claims as to the income you will make applying an importing business model, some make more then others and your success will depend on your activity.