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fake oakley sunglasses “Memphis where ya at?” she asked. “Y’all looking amazing for real especially the ladies.”Separating her songs with long heartfelt raps, Blige brilliantly played off the energy of the room. “Ladies, is it all right if I speak to the fellas for you? OK, ’cause I’m gonna go in,” she said, delivering something that felt like half sermon, half therapy session.When she wasn’t offering emotional support, Blige was celebrating her roots as a game changing force in music, having brought a hip hop edge into R and soul in the ’90s andshe dug deep into material off her classic albums from the era, “My Life” and Share My World.”Following a costume change which saw her reappear in a blue Borsalino and matching thigh high boots she continued to flip through her back pages, hitting highlights from more recent albums like 2005’s “Good Woman Down.” However, Blige’s most emotional moment came with a reading of, “The Thick of It,”thebrand new singlefrom her forthcoming album,”Strength of a Woman.” She introduced the song with references to her current personal trials: Blige is divorcing her husband and manager of 12 years, Martin “Kendu” Issacs.She carried that emotion into a forceful “Not Gonna Cry” and an epic “No More Drama,” ending the latter on her knees, wailing, before falling to the floor.It was a happier release that markedher finale, as she got the crowd dancing and singing along to “Sweet Thing” and “Set Your Body Free.” “Can I call y’all family tonight?” asked Blige, and the many thousands inattendance responded like enthusiastic kinfolk.After a brief set change, Maxwell took his turn on stage fake oakley sunglasses.