If it’s important for you to bring in an extra income then what I have to tell you is extremely important.

Here’s why…

For many mothers and families your options are (apparently) limited. When kids come along you’re down to one income until you go back to work.

And when you do, unless you’re lucky enough to have parents do babysitting for you then you’re forking out a fortune for childcare. And you’re not at home when your child needs you the most.

But hey, you need the money.

Life’s not cheap. Nobody’s denying that.

You don’t want to be at the supermarket choosing between two things you want because you can only afford one. Or being a regular at clothing and toy sales because that’s the only way you can afford nice things.

That’s why the home-based business is booming. Mums like you have realised they can earn some extra cash on the side which takes the pressure off. And to have an outlet away from nappies, cooking and cleaning.

Here’s the thing though:

When you choose the right business there’s no limit to how much you can make.
Not all businesses are the same.

For example if you do something creative like making candles or knitting clothes then there IS a limit. You can only produce so much, and you’ll hit your earning capacity pretty quickly, and not earn much money either.

However when you import goods and sell them at a massive mark-up your earning capacity is far bigger. That’s because your job is finding hot markets – which isn’t that hard – and then finding goods to sell them … which is even easier.

Then you let other people take care of the rest.

You can earn a full time income while working part-time around your child. There’s no direct selling. The costs to get started are very small, and you quickly build a network of happy customers who buy from you over and over again.

Let me tell you a story. When I started out I imported DVD players and sold them on eBay. And even though I made $5,000 profit in my first month I still had to physically package and send each item. The more orders I got the more work I did. Pretty soon I hit my earning limit.

It was time to do something smarter.

What I discovered was third party logistics warehouses who send all the goods on your behalf. Suddenly my time was freed up and my business shot up like crazy. I spent my time finding new things to sell and new people to buy them instead of the mundane, hands-on work.

Amazon have taken this one step further, letting you sell goods on their site and then sending them on your behalf.

It couldn’t be easier.

Want to know more? Then make sure you spend 3 hours at the Import Lifestyle seminar as I hand you the step by step system. The event is free and in a city near you.