Are you a tradie who wants to get off the tools, or at least bring in some extra cash on the side?

Then running a part-time importing business from home could be perfect.

After all you don’t need much free time, and you don’t need a lot of money to get it going either.

And it’s so simple it keeps running while you’re at work … even while you’re asleep.

And all you need is 10 hours a week, and here’s why…

When you import products from China the profit margins can be enormous. 400% and more are typical. And that means you don’t have to sell thousands of items to make good money.

Then add in the easy logistics where you get third parties to do all the work for you, even sending goods.

And finally remember the power of the internet to find new markets and sell your products.

What this means is – You don’t see the products, you don’t see the customers and you don’t handle the money. It just drops into your bank account.

And because there are $4 billion worth of goods imported to Australia every month it’s already an established business. You’re just copying what the big players are doing, only doing it a lot smarter.

The best part though is it’s surprisingly easy to find markets that want your products. So your first step is to find a hot market, then find products to sell them. The rest is just following a proven importing process.

BTW one of the biggest things you’ve got going for you is that you’re out and talking to new people all day. Once you turn your brain to what people really want you can find hot new products immediately.

You can even import building products for your own industry. A lot of tradies have found cheap, high quality goods for their trade and have swapped the tools for their own business.

So if you want to bring in some extra money this year then this is the industry to be in.

Join me at the upcoming Import Lifestyle national tour. Free introductory events are being held in most capital cities, and you’ll walk away with a system you can use to create your own importing empire from home.

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