I’ll come out and say it.

There’s a lot of great clients out there, but a lot of them PLAIN SUCK.

Like for example when you’re working your arse off in the heat and they’re inside enjoying the aircon.

I mean, you don’t expect to be invited in for a beer and to watch the cricket, but you reckon a cold coke would be too much to ask?

What about the ones who ‘forget’ to tell you everything about the job so you’re there longer than you should be. And yep, you end up losing money on it and you’re late to the next job.

Or the ones who argue about the bill. And why is it always the rich ones who do this?

No wonder tradies have so many client horror stories.

Be awesome not having to deal with them any longer, right?

That’s why more and more tradies are setting up businesses on the side. And not doing more hands on work either. Something they can run in an hour or two a day from their computer.

Imagine how you’ll feel coming home from a long day of crappy clients, knowing you’re building up a business on the side.

It’ll be a relief to jump on the computer and watch your business grow. Especially when you’re earning money without being on your feet.

When a client treats you like crap, at least you know it won’t be forever.

When a client stiffs you on a bill at least you know it’s covered.

And when you’re tired and sore, at least you know you’re now earning an income on the side without lifting a finger. And pretty soon it’ll replace your income and keep growing from there.

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Say goodbye to horror clients and say hello to a business you can run from anywhere in the world, in the hours which suit you.

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