Bouncing back financially from a divorce is tough.

If you’re like many women you’ve probably spent years looking after the kids, keeping the house nice and tidy and so on.

While your husband (well, now your EX-husband) went to work and brought in the money.

And that was fine … for a while. That was until suddenly you were alone with all the skills to raise kids, but none of the skills to go out and earn a living.

So if this sounds a little like you then what are your choices?

You can do what 95% of women in your situation do and claw your way back into the workforce. And this means taking a low-level job in a big company, far lower than you’d be at if you never stopped working fulltime in the workplace.

Problem is, half your money is chewed up in childcare and the other half on your mortgage, shopping and so on.

And that’s no way to live.

There’s another option though.

What you do is you watch what everyone else is doing in your situation and …do the opposite!

(After all, if you just copy them you’re just going to get the same results, right?)

The opposite is to start a business from home. Whatever it is doesn’t matter as long as it meets 3 basic criteria.

First, it has to be easy. You don’t want something with lots of employees and complex systems. You haven’t got time for that.

Second, it has to be lucrative. By which I mean something with big margins so even if something goes wrong (which it shouldn’t if you get the ‘easy’ bit right) then you still make great money.

And third it has to be something you can automate. Doing this means you either spend less time running your business … or you spend the same amount of time but spend most of your time growing, not running your enterprise.

One of the best businesses is importing from China. You don’ need employees, the margins are massive – often 400% or more and you can import goods and sell them without even touching them .


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One more bit of advice – don’t play around with it. Fully dedicate yourself to it for 60 days. Do whatever it takes to make it work and you’ll be surprised what you can do.