Why are divorced women are looked upon as victims, as if they should be pitied for their situation?

The reality is they are more powerful than they have been for years. Many women are like powerful beasts, ready to unleash themselves on the world after being caged up for years.

So why do so many women struggle after divorce?

I’ll tell you why.

It’s because society tells you that you should struggle, that’s why.

Every sideways glance, every pitying look, every person asking if you need help reminds you how helpless you’re meant to feel, regardless of how you ACTUALLY feel.

Until one day you’re so beaten down by it you quietly submit, and start living the life everyone expects you to live.

This is shameful.

Women who are divorced or separated have more control over their futures than ever before. And most are far more powerful than they’ve ever been.

Many women even start their own businesses.

They see a new life about to begin and launch themselves into it with the enthusiasm of a teeny-bopper at a Taylor Swift concert.

And with nobody there to hold them back they find they’re actually more powerful than they ever realised.

So be careful about who you listen to, and block any negative comments and people.

You’re more powerful now than you’ve ever been. And there’s no stopping a woman with determination and new found passion.

When you’re ready to unleash yourself back on the world, why not start by starting your own high profit business?

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