A soft spoken stay-at-home mum hardly seems the type you would picture as having a successful online importing business selling car accessories into the tough USA market.

But that is exactly what Lauren Pykett is doing. Like many Mums, Lauren started looking around for opportunities that would allow her to choose her own work hours so she could spend more time with her two young children and entered the business world by simply selling on Amazon.

“My entrepreneurial journey progressed to importing because I was already selling drop-shipped products on Amazon.com and eBay.com, however I became interested in sourcing my own products so I wasn’t copping such slim margins. Selling other people’s products on online marketplaces can be competitive and ends up being a selling price ‘race-to-the-bottom’.” Says Lauren.

In February 2015 Lauren went to a free seminar on importing and by the end of it knew learning how to import product for herself was what she needed.

“I already had the Amazon selling experience and knew if I could get confident in the importing aspect, I could link the two together and build a profitable business.”

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After studying the course material at her home, in Brisbane, for a few months. Lauren attended the Ultimate Importers Bootcamp event in Sydney, as part of her training.

“The bootcamp was exactly what I needed, giving the important breakdown of the steps to importing from China in the Blueprint, intertwined with speakers from other specialised areas, including customs, foreign exchange, marketing and social media. The content from the speakers was high-quality, and it was obvious they had real-life experience with the topics.

The social aspect of the bootcamp was fabulous too, I met some lovely ladies at my table and got a chance to get to know them and their businesses throughout the weekend.”

Returning home, after the bootcamp, Lauren started contacting suppliers in China, working with them to develop private label branded products that she could ship over to the USA and sell direct to customers on Amazon. Launching one product at a time, about every two months, so that she could manage cashflow and not have to bring in outside investors. Putting her energy and marketing focus into each product launch.

“I am looking forward to scaling up the business by further increasing the product line in my first niche and launching products ranges into other niches. I currently sell through our own website as well as Amazon marketplaces in the USA, UK and Europe.

I just love that this is an incredibly scalable business model. The future’s looking bright, as now that the systems and foundations are laid, I can just keep adding more products, more marketplaces and websites, and in more countries. All of which comes to more money in the bank, a sellable business asset and all executed at a pace that I control, whilst I enjoy still being a work at home Mum alongside my beautiful kids.”

If starting a work-from-home importing business is something that you would like to investigate further… Free online introductory training on how to Create Your Own $2000 a Week Home-Based Importing Business is available here. (By the same people who taught Lauren how to import products from China with confidence.)