Nobody ever talks about this. But they should.

It’s why old concreters drink so much.

It’s because when they started out everything got done manually. There were no machines to dig, everything was done by hand.

Long days, early starts and back breaking labour gave them nothing but years of crippling pain and arthritis.

And the only way for them to numb the pain is by drinking.

Could you be next?

Sure, things are easier now than they used to be. There’s lots of tools and machinery to make things simpler. But never forget it’s still manual labour.

You’re still twisting and contorting yourself into small spaces. Or starting early in freezing conditions. And holding your tools with an iron-like grip.

Even though the chances of you retiring in crippling pain are less, they’re still not zero.

If you’ve got a niggling ache or two now, how long before it puts you out of action?

No work = no pay.

That’s why so many tradies are starting up their own part-time businesses on the side. They know life doesn’t always go as planned, and besides they don’t want to be on the tools forever.

They also know they might not get that choice if their body starts falling apart or they get hurt.

I mean, hey – you probably don’t even know a tradie still working at 65, right?

Sure, it’s not quite so bad these days, but if you spend your days up and down a ladder, laying bricks, laying pipes in trenches or generally working like two dogs then what’s going to happen in a few years time?

Will you be fine, ready to keep working your arse off?

If you’re not sure then perhaps you need to be doing something about it. Go start your own business for example.

One you can run in your spare time after you knock off. One which doesn’t need a big cash investment. And one which is easy to run and grows like crazy

Smart tradies have a plan for something like this. The choice is yours – are you prepared to let life choose what happens to you next? Or are you ready to come up with a plan and put it in place yourself?

Build your exit plan starting now by investigating what business opportunities are possible that don’t require you to personally do the work… a product based business.

Before you know it you will have your own importing business that works without you having to do the heavy lifting. A life off the tools and selling them instead?

Anything’s possible… But it always starts with learning a bit more about what’s involved.